Voracious Frenzy

Written by: Christie Moses

warning …..passion is dangerous
and curves are ahead….

careful when those hands catch this redhead

there is more fire than you know
simmering a slow boil under the surface
it could burn you and make you a junkie
blazing a trail straight to heaven 

beneath this summer dress and bare feet
a woman’s mystery and ecstasy

sand feels  sexy on my skin 
I think I’ll let it linger there
as your hands run blindly down my body 
like raw silk leaving us both breathless
in wanton whispers on the shoreline
of sultry rapture

baby it’s a bonfire!

are you ready for this tiger
hidden beneath the calm?
(scintillating) brown eyes of desire
they could claw you with trail marks
on your red hot male skin

hunger is powerful and once unleashed
burns with flames that could singe us both
in the dazzle of its conflagration

holding back this lust is like pushing back the tide

I need to surrender!
so baby…release me!
this hankering destroys me

let it rage and consume us both
in the power of this combustion
that glitters and taunts and begs
to burst out intense explosions
rainbows of light behind our eyes

this kitten that purrs may roar
if petted right  
if once let loose and free to prowl

waves can crash us both 
legs entwined in salty waves
oblivious to any but the storm 
that has built and built inside

kiss these pleading lips 
(wet…red and ripe for you)
like you’re starving for the taste
and touch membranes sun warmed 

can you feel the lady beast 
restless and pacing inside me
release me and liberate me
and baby…just mess me

warning….passion is dangerous 
and curves are ahead….