The Outsider

Written by: Janette Fisher

They think I’m stupid, but they’d be surprised
I see the revulsion in their eyes
And the way their heads lean together,
To talk about me as I walk by.

Do they think I don’t see looks of horror
On faces, as they get to their feet?
When I approach their coffee table, 
To sit down on the vacant seat

Don’t they know I’m aware that they’re shouting
When they talk to me, as if I can’t hear?
But then tell their child not to speak to me
 I’m a monster, and someone to fear

They view me, through eyes of loathing
As a soul of no value or worth
Who contributes nought to society
Undeserving a place on their earth

I just wish that, before passing judgment
They’d get to know me or give me a chance
To show them the ‘someone’ hidden inside 
And maybe break through their ignorance

So they’ll look upon me as those they think ‘normal’
And not treat me differently
For I am a person, with feelings, like them
But for my learning difficulty!

This poem is  about the service users I work with and how they feel the world views them 
and is a crime against humanity