The Blurred Times

Written by: Steve Voorhees

The lines are blurred when blended
I know first hand that govenment grilled cheese sandwiches
are delicious as I shared them with Phillup my best friend,
black as night and true as time...he was my ace
His mother, my godmother Lucille, chased us out to play
in streets equal parts innocent and villainous
Street kids busted hydrants in blazing summer days
we ran through the water blasting sideways cooly
There was no race-hate-ignorant-violence
Black and White children playing with only the care
of our next adventure and the dread of a setting sun

All poor, all struggling, all trying to get by
lines were blurred and blended splendidly
playing a Guns N Roses tape for Lucille
as she laughed at the wailing voice
shaking her wise head saying "Here honey"
...."Listen"  replaced with Otis Redding
the pain and passion in his voice
hung in the hot air adding to the summer soundtrack

I moved to a whiter and "higher" place
better schools and cleaner streets
the children echoed their parents ignorant
hate filled diatribe...Ni**er this and Ni**er that...
...I visited Phillup as he moved to a rougher hood
the children echoed their parents ignorant 
hate filled diatribe...Honkey this and Honkey that...
Not one of those knowing the other...the lines
clear and defined.  Seperate and scornful
...I miss that beautiful blurred time in my life
   ...I wish everyone knew such a place existed