Know God

Written by: Sarah Frieman

The sky's cry when I cry
The sun shines when I smile
I've seen God with my own eyes

The earth quakes when I'm enraged
Rainbows come out when light shines my way
I've seen God with my own eyes

I can tell you I have no faith, 
Absolute knowledge has taken its place
I've seen God with my own eyes

Faith is for the faint of heart
Believing what they can only see with their hearts
absolute knowledge is to see with your eyes 
Knowing  you've seen God with your own eyes

Remeber its true I know God like 
Adam and Abraham, Moses and Joshua 
God speaks to my heart and the answers come through

I am his daughter obedient and kind
Sharing my knowledge no matter the price
For having the absolute knowledge 
Lucifer try's to make his own case
Like Jesus before me has taught us the way

Ask God for his guidance 
he'll keep Lucifer at bay

Soon all will see when 
God's Promise is kept
Earth will be baptized all over again