my child

Written by: stacey trolan

As i walk up the long hospital corridor, unknown in my mind whats ahead. I am approached 
by a string of nurses, who aren't long at finding me a bed.
I am then brought up the stairs to the delivery suite, and after nine months of carrying you, 
finally we get to meet.
Words can't describe how i felt when i held you for the first time. I remember looking in to 
your tiny little face overwhelmed that you where mine.
My baby girl with a head of thick black hair. I never knew i had it in me to feel so much love 
and care.
I'll never forget those tiny little hands and feet, and the way people stopped to look at you on 
the street.
The months went by so terribly fast, and those wonderful memories are now in the past.
You didn't crawl long until you knew how to walk. It amazes me how quickly you learned 
yourself to talk.
Now as i sit here remembering those things and the way you grew and grew. I find it so hard 
to believe that you have just turned two.