This Is It

Written by: Tamra Craft

Under appreciated shards of glass
Haplessly pressing until flesh gives way.
So many calendar pages pass
Knees bloodied, knelt down to pray.

Tears committing suicide off lashes,
Pain silenced by the wrong company.
Pastels covering her outside clashes,
Does who she is match her destiny?

Out her window, flowers and smiles
But none of them are for her.
Familiarity left behind for miles
Along with faces once preferred.

Impossible to ever go back there,
She knows she must move on, forget.
Let holes close up and stop dying hair
And worry about birthdays, bills and debt.

But today pain slices her open anew,
She cannot stop its escape.
Bound by love, there’s nothing to do.
She must suck it up and wait.

Trying not to remember the way it was,
Who would have known exactly how she felt.
Drying her cheeks she breaths because
This is it, and allows the curtain to fall on herself.