Childhood Days

Written by: Janette Fisher

I remember a time when I was young
When summers were hot and so, so long
School holidays seemed to go on, and on
Back in my childhood days,

Holidays spent beside the sea
With mother, father and siblings three,
Playing safe, and wild, and free
In my nonchalant, childhood days,

I remember packed lunches on long bike rides,
Jam jar fishing by the riverside
Finding exciting places to hide
In my innocent, childhood days,

Playing with friends down in the park
Not coming home until long after dark
Sleeping outside was such a lark
In my carefree, childhood days,

The summers, now, don’t seem to last
School holidays go by so fast
Long hot days are in the past
Along with childhood days,

Annual vacations, are taken in Spain
With husband and daughters, traveling by plane
To escape the cold, the wind and the rain
Unlike my childhood days

As for our children playing out of sight
It just doesn’t happen, especially at night
In years to come, will these days seem as bright
To my girls, as do my childhood days?