First Day Blues

Written by: Janette Fisher

There she stands, just three feet tall
Today of all days she looks so small,
Wearing new shoes and sparkling white socks
She goes to pick up her pink lunch box
Then we put on coats and head out of the door
It's hard to believe that she is now four,
As we walk down the road, she laughs and sings
Not knowing how it pulls my heart strings
Starting to run when she sees the gates
She calls "hurry mummy, don't want to be late!".

She enters the room with 'the very nice lady'
A big girl now, not my little baby,
I turn to leave tears burning my eyes
From her words "love you mummy" on saying our goodbyes,
Back through the gates with a long walk home
Long because now she's not here, I'm alone
For four years now we've spent each day together
I wish in my heart, it could be that way forever
But I recognise that is against all the rules
For today, is my daughters' first day at school.

copyright Janette Fisher 1989
This poem was written 23 years ago when my oldest daughter Elizabeth went to school