It's Never Enough!

Written by: Ali Matheny

***Based off the song by Five Finger D**th Punch and dedicated to those boys/bullies at my 
school who think they can just beat me up because I have life problems and I am weak and 
could hurt me Physically,Mentally and Emotionally....You were soooo wrong....***

I gave you what you told me you wanted and needed
But yet you wanted even more
So then I would find myself in trouble with you and your friends
And by time you were done my mind was screwed up more,
My emotions isolated And my skin ripped open with black and purple spots all over my body
I told yet you only got a laugh and a pat on the back
I got in to trouble and called a little liar

But you hurt me once too many times one day
The day when my friend had shot himself
And the day I first self-distructed myself
With a rusted pair of sissors I found a way to cope
And allI had to do was take them and slice hard,fast and deep
For me to feel numb and isolated once again....

I hope that your guys's day comes and hits you with a BIG HUGE BANG!
And that I am there to see it all...

The End...For Now That Is...