Written by: Fernando Lachica

Author:  Fernando Lachica

Poem:  Go Away....Devil Woman

Your heart....

You're slowly killing me
By the way you treated me
In my life that's nothing to give
Except my heart and soul.

Your love....

Loving you is the only thing I knew
That even the birds and flowers knew
Deep in my heart I knew too well
From here to eternity.

Your dreams....

I tried my very best to provide
Every dreams you have had
But fate's been so unkind
Even the devil's delight.

Your desire....

Material things you've wanted so much
To show to the greedy world of yours
The glitters you desired and possessed
That made you...a devil woman!

My love...

At first I thought you love me so much
At first I thought you're the woman for me
At first I thought that you're all mine
'Till death do us part?

My anger....

Nothing compares to the greediness of your soul
Nothing compares to the rotten heart of yours
Nothing compares to your baleful desire 
Nothing compares to you....devil woman!

Go away...devil woman!