Bright Sun, Holy Moon

Written by: Chance Kophamer

Oh Bright Sun, shed your light on me
The world feels so dark, I just want to see

The drugs that I take
Were meant to get me out
Of this hole that was dug
From my sadness and doubt

Oh Bright Sun, share your love with me
I am no loner, at least I don’t want to be

With love from my mother
Her check buys me another week
Of worry free fixes
But the future still looks bleak

Oh Holy Moon, why can’t I be more like you
You’ll always have the sun and its friends too

I've ran out of money
I’m starting to feel sick
Maybe God will save me now
Or maybe he'll kill me like a tick

Oh Holy Moon, please save me from my fate
Death waits in sleep and it’s getting late

I keep praying on my knees
For the withdrawals to go away
The pain only gets worse
I think i could die where I lay

Oh Brother Brother, you've been this way before
Guide me on my path, help me I implore

I’m starting to feel better
And now i realize how foolish I'd been
To think God would play savior once more
He's not the one who saved me then

Oh Brother Brother, I’m glad you answered my call
Your help seemed to stop that unending fall