Just Wait and See

Written by: Chance Kophamer

I had a friend back home
She said “Come stay with me
I’ll make you feel better
Just wait and see”

But I couldn’t shake the feeling
That home wasn’t best
And all my old friends would
Just make me more depressed

Well she just kept on asking
And I eventually caved in
I packed up my belongings
While I prepared to see my kin

When I arrived I was swamped
By all the people I remember
My family, my friends and her
Are just as I left them last September

I was surprised it was her
Who offered the first embrace
And considering our history
I’d say it’s less than commonplace

I don’t enjoy seeing those other people
Though I have a smile on my face
They only remind me of the past
The one I would rather replace

Party’s over, we arrived at her house
And I began to settle down
But as the days went on
That fake smile grew back into a frown

The only thing that makes me happy
Is that I can be back around her
But we revert to our old habits
Some of which I do not prefer

Now I remember why I left
The drama plays with no delay
The highs, the lows, they balance well
But I can’t keep living on this way

Maybe we’re bound to this state
With bliss and sorrow both attained
Perhaps friends was the best
Maybe that’s what we should have remained

No, we are friends no longer
Something about us is amiss
Our fights have torn us again
Just like the last time we tried this

Maybe it’s me like she says
I swear that it’s a crime
That we just can’t have one another
No, don’t bother, I’ll walk away this time

And now I’m leaving town again
More bitter than before
My friends all say goodbye
As I shut my car door

I had a friend back home
She said “Come stay with me
I’ll make you feel better
Just wait and see”

Well I guess that is true
I do feel better now
Our relationship’s at an end
But I’ll find someone else somehow