Amidst The Fight..

Written by: Jo Hayton

Even holding her hand
Her want in me
To say something adult and profound

Find me the little girl
She fought hard to chase
When she ran all around

Can't take my eyes 
From her beautiful finger tips
How her nails are beautifully grown

Is this because I can't look at her face
Afraid to see cancer's skin
Making itself so known

I grasp my daughter in my arms
Come and see nana
Come and say hello

I can barely speak
But in my heart I am shouting
Mummy, please don't let go

I don't show a tear
Emotion seems far left
I don't know why

Protective barrier in place
Of all the people in this world
It's for my Mum I want to cry

I see the fight is still on
She moans about the cricket coverage
And smiles when I make a joke or two

I kiss her forehead tenderly
Begging, begging, begging
Take from me, what it takes to get you through

Mum, my heart started and stops
With you...