SoMeOnE SpEcIaL To My HeArT!

Written by: Ali Matheny

ThIs MuSt Be A DrEaM CoMmInG TrUe.

FoR YoU SaId ThOsE WoRdS WiTh YoUr HeArT
AnD ThEy WeRe "I LoVe YoU."

ReAlIzInG HoW MuCh I FeEl AnD CaRe FoR OuR LoVe.

ShAkiNg AlL OvEr WiTh ThE EmOtIoNs Of An
SoArInG DoVe.

FoReVerR ToGeThEr
YoU AnD I.

ToGeThEr By
EaChOtHeRs SiDeS.