March With Belief

Written by: Paul Stacey

Send up the flag and mount your great steed
For now nothing can or will impede
The explosive belief of your hearts fire.
Now march on the world, blaze with desire.

Cocooned now for months, never quite sure
When your release would see you reborn,
Your insecurities took you by stealth.
The tortuous pain of doubting yourself.

Hold out your hand, find it trembles no more
Lift your head high, show the world what’s in store.
Let the war drums beat inside your head,
In time with your heart, pumping blood red.

Now is the time for decisive deeds,
Titanic actions, sowing the seeds.
For your future self carve out your true vow,
To step up and conquer: Right here, right now.

Transcend all that you believed you were!
Vanquish your consternation and fear!
Conquer trepidation, terror and dread!
Replace them with spirit and hope instead.