A Painting

Written by: Dver Klin

One day…
A lady named Fate,
Showed me a magical painting from the heaven.
There I see blue sky, high mountains and a castle
I enjoy studying it carefully.

A mysterious Beauty caught my attention
I looked closer at this work of art
And her mystifying eyes have hypnotized me cruelly
I feel them drawing me inside this painting
Then, I hear Fate’s voice 
Telling me that she is the Queen of Wonders

She has conquered many hearts,
But still felt lonely.
Her dark red lips have kissed many souls,
But still felt thirsty.

Nevertheless, her spirit’s loveliness 
Projects a holy sunshine
For she is the Queen of Wonders
Who empowers love of mine

And now I see her standing by the lake
And she is staring at her own reflection in the water
She cries,
She suffers,
Because her heart is braking,

How I wish
To enter her world
How I wish
To mend her heart.
And how I wish
To rescue her from this painting.

This thought makes me discover my enemy 
It is a cruel Reality 
She enjoys setting limits for me,
Thus, all I can do is just stare at the painting,
And Daydream for the rest of my life.