Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

My mind’s in a sub-conscious state.
Rage sparks the fire. All I can feel is hate.
Beads of sweat burst through the pores of my brow
From the smoke flowing through my veins 
Each breath I take feeds energy to the surging flames,
I exist no more.
All things contrary to darkness - Evaporated.
Every good thing within me - Sapped.
I find myself trapped - 
In my own flesh - incarcerated.
Not yet here nor there,
But soon to be cast into the abyss
Once the mission is complete and both fates
Evenly squared……

……Trembling with fear, yet driven by rage
I move swiftly into the night.  I’m on my way
Reluctant, yet it’s out of my hands now .
I have no say.
Rage has taken over.   And it can’t be stopped
Ten minutes and counting. The pressure is mounting!  
With each resounding….  TIC TOC… TIC TOC ..
As I draw closer and closer.  As I draw nearer and nearer 
The more potent  the aroma of bone chilling fear!
Death is in the air!
The night seems to prepare itself almost as if it knows.
Utter darkness now hovers
With the exception of the moons ghastly glow.
The wind gets aroused and is now - Fully awaken.
It picks up its speed , and in its wrath
Everything in site is vibrantly shaken.
And in a matter of seconds.
My ears -  nearly deafened  By the peels and rumbles of thunder 
Sounding off from the heavens.
But even more frightening were the flashes of lightening
Striking and  Striking in
Intervals of seconds I reckoned,  peering  dumbfounded 
 Frozen by fear, yet  amazed 
And somewhat astounded,

And I couldn’t help but wonder as I stood motionless - 
Curiously I pondered and begged not to differ
If something or someone up yonder
Had a plot to hinder, Or even stop me wholly 
Before I sleigh this unholy 
Backstabbing witch - by whom I was be-witched..
Long ago to the devil she sold me!!!
“ Hey!  It’s eleven fifty six.  Don’t you hear the tic -
Tocin of the clock.  I advise you, you fool to snap the f_ _k
Up out of it.

This sh_ ts irrelevant.  I’m more frightening than some lightening 
And thunder that made you wonder
If this petty storm was heaven sent.
Soon I’ll give you something to fear along with
Unbearable pain and there’s no escaping it.

Now go and slay this bi_ _h!
An eye for an eye…..  Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
Now that’s heaven sent”………!

I can’t believe this sh__ !  I’m really losing it!
What did I ever do to end up standing in these shoes -
Size catch 22’s!!!       TBC on next page