overworked and underpaid

Written by: stacey trolan

As i awake with the sound of my alarm clock signal for another day. I get myself ready for 
my overworked job in which i don't get enough pay.
Its not long before i pull myself together and get in to my car, and set off for a few mile's 
down the road, it isn't very far.
I have arrived now, I'll just park at the other side of the gate, and begin my hard day 
grafting in this place that i hate.
Firstly I'll gather up all my gear which i use to clean. Why is my boss giving me so many 
orders, sometimes she can be so mean.
But I'll take the orders as i'm in no position to talk back. If i did it would probably result in 
me getting the sack.
So i take her demands and i go and fetch the brush, if only i had a job that wasn't all rush, 
rush, rush.
I have everything done now, all i have left to do is the floor. How i long to see that clock hit 
half past four.
I left school at the wrong time if only i had stayed. As it has brought me to this kind of job, 
so overworked and underpaid.