This is me.

Written by: stacey trolan

As i sit here staring through the rain covered glass. All i can see is a meadow of freshly cut 
There are two birds sitting alongside each other on a wood stained summer seat. For some 
reason it has me thinking of my late husband and the way fate brought us to meet.
I was so young, happy, free and at the prime of my youth. Those years have passed me by 
so fast and that is the truth.
We courted for a while and we loved to dance and sing. It wasn't long before he got down on 
one knee and produced to me a ring.
Two years later i gave birth to his first son, then a few months later i was pregnant with 
another one.
Five children altogether i had, two boys and three girls, with hair so shiny, black and 
embedded with curls.
Of course they're older now and my husband has passed away, and i'm left in this nursing 
home until my dying day.
I am unable to say anything, all i can do is lye here and think. when i go too deep in to 
thought it makes my heart sink.
You see my carers don't know me, even though they are kind. They just see me as a shell, 
they don't realize i have a mind.
I know exactly what i am, i have nothing to prove. Its a shame how this stroke has left me 
unable to say anything, or move.
At least i will always have the beautiful memories of my past, and the hope of being reunited 
again with my husband at last!!!.