A Sacred Place

Written by: Tamra Amato

I want to cut holes in my soul and let the light burst out.
I want to dance on the darkness of my beginning, 
a moment bringing light to a universe I don't know,
yet walk with every moment.

Angels of light and dark hover beside me singing primal songs.
Songs that glide through the cave of my ears.
Songs that I recognize,
Songs that I forget the moment I hear them.
Songs that hum with every breath.
Do you hear the songs?

Will I know your light, your darkness?
Can I communicate to you beyond skin, beyond blood, beyond bone?
Is it possible to breathe together in this vacuum?
I'm afraid of no definition-- no line to describe us-- 
Yet my sense of completion comes from a vision of obliterated form.

Can we light our way by touch?
Under the shade of stars, will my lips find you?
Lips with no words, telling you all I am.
Lips that are greedy and eager to please.
Lips that love you.

In complete darkness, the place where I stand alone,
we are chilled by emptiness, warmed by light that doesn't shine.
Light that's a memory in black, a loving encased by shadow,
pierced by fire--small, clear and consuming.

Show me the way to you.
Show me the way to all........
A place I can feel hot wax on my skin that shouts,
"This is a sacred place."