Written by: stacey trolan

There it was in front of me, something i always waited to find. Was it really true or was it just 
in my mind.
I'm not sure but i know its nothing I've never felt before, every time i seen him i kept feeling 
more and more.
Did he feel the same?, its something I'll never know. Why did i let you slip away?, how did i 
ever let you go.
Its something i have to live with everyday. If only i had found the right words to say.
Maybe we where both foolish, maybe we where both to young. Now its all over and i still feel 
that you where the one.
As the years go by and we are still apart. I'll never get rid of that missing piece in my heart.
You've probably moved on now and forgot about me. At least i know we where not destined 
to be.
I still feel though that our love was always true. I know this because no matter what I'll 
never get over you.