friends forever

Written by: stacey trolan

There was a time when it was just you and me. we where so young, wild, foolish and free.
We didn't have one care on this earth, and we'd known each other almost since birth.
We'd made so much fun as we'd sit and we'd play. I know things wouldn't have felt right if we 
hadn't seen each other everyday.
As we grew older our life was all about boys. We then waved goodbye to our bicycles and 
As time went on we grew more and more apart, and you where no longer a piece of my 
We hadn't spoken to one another from year after year. What a terrible shame as we lived so 
Then one day as i passed down my street, I was overwhelmed as i didn't think it was you i 
would meet.
We went for a drink and we talked for a while and on that day i could do nothing but smile.
Then that was it everything was at an end. Why did it happen to you my best friend?
You where taken away from me in such a flash. If it hadn't have been for that terrible crash
I tried my best, I tried to swerve. That hit and run had an awful nerve.
So now as i stand by your graveside and weep, I think of the way god has put you to sleep.
How grateful i feel for the last day we spent. It really made me realize how much you always 
Now i wait patiently until my days are at an end, because i know i will be greeted by you my 
best friend X