Poet's Mirage

Written by: osayande osaghae

Have you ever been hit by a strong feeling?
It feels like you've just been loaded
with an array of possibilities.
You feel like you're bursting with
zillion of words;
your poetry meter is blinking red,
meaning your brain is straining at the seams.
You just think, 'i wish!',
'I wish i could lay hold on paper and pen!'
It's as if you're going to write and write
until your fingers drop off, and your pen runs dry.
You get inspirations, as a smattering of words.
The sayings come in trickles
and you become restless.
And then, whoa! you find a pen,
and grab the nearest piece of paper; not minding
if it's a checkbook, recipe or yesterday's bills.
..... suddenly, it stops!
It's like a dam that just stopped pumping water;
like the silence before creation.
You could hear a mental pin drop:
you gnash your teeth in frustration
'I wish!' you cry,
'I wish I got hold of pen and paper sooner!'
until you realize, belatedly,
that you couldn't have written anything more down.
It's the poetic fairy 
come to play tricks on you.
You look down at the paper
and all you see are scraps of words
just here and there: 
a jumble of words
that doesn't really make sense together.
You stare at it, hoping
that they would kind of trigger some poetic mechanism
deep inside of you.
You feel like there's something missing,
some vital key; but still,
nothing comes.
At the end of it all, 
you close the book
and return pen and paper to their places.
You sigh in exasperation.
It's the Poet's Mirage!