This Night

Written by: Nadine Fababier

Staring at those sleepless stars

Wishing to heal these endless scars

This immense night cries with me

As little droplets fall, I can see


Staring at the dark vast skies 

Reminiscing the looks of your sparkling eyes

This blurry night is sad like me

As its breath danced…cold and slowly


What’s with this night?


I can hear your song still living in the air

I can still see your face painted everywhere

I cannot stop reading your romantic verses

And all of these are tearing me into millions of pieces


And every time the sun sleeps,


I continue to look above

Dreaming that you are still in love

That your heart still beats for the same face

And your senses miss those old-shared days


Staring every night is a same ancient story

Not of books of philosophy or history

But of a love happily found and now was gone

Now every night is gloomy... the curse of what you had done