Written by: Christina Larmon

We play the game.
Red light green light
1, 2,3
He’s coming now.
He’s hugging me and looking in my eyes.
Were laughing now
He’s teasing me 
With the most playful of chides.
Green light
Everything’s ok 
You havent crossed that line.

He’s closer now 
Moving closer still
You start to dread goodbyes
You wait for him by the door
Avert their judging eyes
Red light.

He’s back again
You're happy now 
And touches start to linger
You smile with smiles just for you two
Your hands move unbeknownst to you
Creeping up the middle of his chest
Resting on the sides of his neck
Red light.

His arms start to encircle you
You both don’t make a sound 
He’s closer now
Your face to face 
And all will be revealed
Your lips move towards his
You realize
This game we play means so much more
Than the one we played as kids

And now he’s kissing you