Written by: Jo Hayton

Two pictured perfect
Oh dear then came three

Mum and Dad loved each other
I am sorry but happy 
They stumbled and fell with me

I had to share your room
You even had it painted
In the clinical white you have come to know

But I was just a little kid
You even had our duvets
Look like a stephen king clown horror show

I tried to stretch my arms
And inject a little artistry 
My time would never really shine

I am not sure what was in our hearts
But whatever genes were injected
They're will could not reach mine

I think we all know
Something went wrong
Something along the way

But I will never hurt 
Never ever, for the gift
Of being able to feel life in awe and decay

I am advertising space
For all that life
Has to shed and pour out

If it kicks me
Kisses me
Shakes me all about

I am happy to feel
Every single bruise
Every emotion cut to the very core

If a life happened 
To fall upon me
When unexpected

Then the least I can do
Is it let it take from me
All it wants to explore...