Those Were The Best Days

Written by: Tamra Craft

Swimming in the shallows 
Flush against the cliffs and rocks
Beneath trees fluttering with swallows
And the shore littered with shoes and socks.

Shirt pasted over chilled skin
Dripping lazily down my lily cheek
I sent ripples across, you followed again
Chestnut hair shines on before the water takes.

I flutter over to the dock
Dried slippery by the angry sun.
Behind me, your hot breath on the loch
Lying back staring up at the russet horizon.

You pass the joint to me
And I shutter at the obvious thought
In clouds of smoke the whole day went dancing
As my breath released all the sweet smoke it had caught.

Those were the best days
And I wish we had known it then
When love conquered all, and we disobeyed
When all we needed was each other, paper and a pen.

Thank you for those memories
That still bring a smile after all these years
The wild flowers, waterfalls and your dropped keys
The way the flames licked across your face, smoke mingled with tears.