Written by: Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

Now don't read this verse
If you think you're behind it.
(I concocted this poem, 
Yet I should have resigned it.)

I just whipped out my keyboard
And I started to type.
The words, they came flowing!
(Are you buying this hype?)

See it's mean in its spirit
And cruel in its way --
But, man, I am a poet
with a god-awful day!

So I'm taking you down
And I'm shouting you out.
(While I'm giving you grief
I am hoping you pout.)

A most ethical guy
Has just sent me to packing --
He was feeling "conflicted."
(Might his courage be lacking?)

Oh, did that make you angry?
I am so sorry dude.
I warned you not to read it.
(Perhaps it's you who was rude?)

And as far as signs go
I have held this one high.
It's your fault you ignored it.
(Oh, yes: "Stop" means "goodbye!")