For What You May Have Done

Written by: Paul Stacey

For every wonder free inside your mind
And every dark thought of miscontent.
For every disappointment in your soul
And your memories of a life’s intent.

For every desolate night you feel alone
And every mistake, that you have mourned.
For every tide that abandoned your shores
And the day that was yours, it never dawned.

For every moment that you took the ball
And ran but not nearly fast enough.
For every moment you lost your heart
And with it, everything that you loved.

For every moment that you saw yourself 
And in your reflection it did not lie.
For every tunnel that you dug yourself
So no-one could ever have seen you cry.

For every wish, that still, never came true.
For every woman, that made you blue.
For every cry for help, that you ignored.
For every moment of hurt, your heart stored.

Every time you started, then you stalled.
Every time your name, not even called.
Every time the same lie, that you tell.
Every time, you staggered so close, then fell.

For every moment you, achingly, ponder
Every irrevocable step with regret.
Please forgive those mistakes honestly made,
Learn that you never have to forget.