the truth

Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

   I cant even bear to tell the truth any more 
   I love you so much but for some reason every 
   time i see i start to think of what i just did 
   i lied to you i cant figure out why? but every 
   time i see you i want to cry but i try to make myself so strong.

   which i really know that in real life if you didn't know me i would 
not be put in this situation but i feel so bad cause i know you love me 
but every time you tell me you love me i end up going with some one else 
i know deep down that i just did something wrong. Every time i look at you 
i seem to get butterflies in my stomach and every time i walk away .

I just seem to never get to tell you the truth and now i know that in 
real life that i cant ever bear to tell you the truth now that i know
that i am sure that i really "love you." here is to the truth.