Not outdated or far away

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

God is not outdated or far away
He hears, and will answer each
Time you pray. He’s never too late
He’s always on time, relevant and
Reachable, the truest friend you’ll
Ever find.

Many religions historically has been 
Branded with a code of conduct. 
Christianity is not being religious
And dull, but a close personal
Relationship with God around the clock.

Some say Christians are weak, a soft touch
So to speak. But without God’s divine intervention
I am bound to constantly mess up, and make mistake.
In my weakness and disobedient ways he magnify
Himself, and give me strength all my days. 

I am weak and God is strong, he promise to 
Guide protect, and keep me from all wrong.
Not that I’m exempt from temptation and my foe,
But he will be a very present help in trouble whenever
I call, and wherever I go.