Hounds Tooth

Written by: Sandra Hudson

Out of her hounds tooth, slanderous slobber
Utilizing her foot paws, she toenails the ice
Transcending into the deep, would surely silence her
Save her chattering mouth tick, accompanied by cracks
Imagining each step twice, she cautions
Daring looks backward for telling traces of breakage
Evil had yet seen what lurks beneath
Reels she, with pitch and rotation falls full

Slipping into the creature’s fang, she rolls
Unnerved, she hears the crunch of her rule, changing hands
Matching her closed mouth to the pain
Morph-inflicted through another,
Oscillating she disappears immeasurably
Near death returns to the belly
If consequences denounced, are affirmed
Naked will, is gliding through the torrential waves
Grub-Broken spirit, is no longer her concern

Terse, having but one breath to gasp
Once tender morsels are regurgitated
Reminders of a coward’s prayer
Trip, fall silent amidst the internal hate
Usurped they press forward, amongst forgotten names
Rusty pieces dance between the guiles of myth
Repositioning, once again
Swallowed up by impregnated blame

Twice In shadows, neath a flowing stream
Obtuse this float, the entrails, tail and claw
Gather near the bend of endless screams
Evening tide the beast is but the devils dream
There is not, in truth, just here, as all there is
Heartfelt vile sup-positioning in formal fashion
Encased in hollow howls of woe and misery
Re-envisions untold atrocities here on planet passion

Total Fiction

Submitted for consideration in Deborah Guzzi’s
“Something wicked this way comes” Contest