Confessions Of A Ghost

Written by: Christie Moses

underneath a canopy of stars
only known by the universe
(there are so many….you see)
she waits…..

black silence permeates her mind
dusk is way past brand new
and she is stumbling on a dark pitch
neon lights glow inside her
                          (though seldom seen)
the eyes of a mask
pushing through the empty
               of a thousand masquerades

buried ghost of white light
hurried sounds of footsteps
and wells of blue ink burrow
                       beneath skin to fragile
as she trembles from the recall
                (inching in with devils claws)
somewhere she remembers
                  yet always on the outside
she stumbles in the night time

oh how it taunts  her lips
                    for just one taste
of sweet spring water
the luscious strawberry linger
as she suffers dehydration
quick flashes flicker past
and the stars call up a whisper
                she runs 
but remains motionless
              (feet glued to solid ground)

she waits…..

willow….weep for her
with your weeping boughs
                   (do you remember?)
for no one else can hear her
in the shadows of a maple
in a country full of desert
(muted by judging mouths)
            she cannot speak out truth

spirit sounds frolic
like fairies in the night
dancing in the wasteland
of what she thought was home
and she….lost inside the twinkle
of a billion lights that shimmer
with the mockery of reminiscence

underneath a canopy of stars
only known by the universe
(just too many….you see)
she waits…..

always she waits….