The Actual Dependant

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Waking up in the morning with you near me,
Making your favourite toast and your black tea,
Hugging me I hear your words  "Good morning  my love",
With a sweet kiss , I say "I want more now".

Holding your hands and helping you walk,
I love to hear, your cute and lovely talks.
Combing you long snowy hair,
Washing your face ,making you more fair.

Feeding you food with my own hands,
Taking you for a walk into dreamland,
I completed you in everyway,
Why then did you leave me and go away?

What should I do alone in the old age?
In front of your photo , stand and gaze?
You felt you freed me of your burden..
No Darling, not you, it was me,on you who was dependant.