God in Tears...

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

His marvellous creation called the world,
He watches seated on his throne in Heaven,
He wonders what is happening on Earth,
And why His children have turned into Demons?

His lovely world has turned into a pool of blood,
His children are now thirsty for each other's blood,
Flowers and rivers He gave us to enjoy,
Arms and rifles we ask instead? He wonders why.

Wiping his tears to us all he asks...

I am in each and every living thing,
I am in each and every human being,
Why then do you harm someone,
When you know I am inside everyone?

Do good and harm none,were my orders,
It should be one world without any borders.
I made all the different living beings,
Inside all of them is me,why are you not seeing?

He wonders.....

Do my children hate me, instead?
Why then do they harm me and want me dead?
I sent them down to live and love,
To give and help and not to shove.

A beautiful world and not a burial ground was my creation,
Love, joy, peace and happiness was my intention,
Hatred instead prevails in the world, now I am sure,
Oh! Are Me and My creation are a complete FAILURE?