His Power

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

I petitioned God in prayer 
With angry words ... I cried out
He bowed down His ear to me
Then, in one single touch He sent me
Falling prostrate on the floor

He reached down from on high
And took hold of me
He drew me out of the deep waters
Waters in which I was drowning
From my own tears they grew

With One mighty finger
He penetrated deep within my chest
And melted my hardened heart
As I lay depleted before Him
He raised me up

Seeing the darkness that had encompassed me 
Humbly and shaken I sat at His feet
For He saw my fearfulness
He felt my anguish
My tears He wiped away with tenderness

My sobs were felt in His heart
His voice was heard in my spirit
Together we were bound in oneness 
As His arms enveloped me and 
His peace fell abundantly upon me

He is my hiding place
He will protect me from trouble
And surround me with songs of deliverance
His power is made perfect in my weakness
His grace is sufficient for me