|Absolute Humanity|

Written by: Yara Rouhana

Infinity throughout the whole line
Exists between those bars of different signs
But once out the numbers spread 
The dashes are cut straight with a line from head.

Infinity, we humans sum up to infinity
We live inside those bars called humanity
Bars that were once only pure within 
But now hold but the essence of sin

A dash must be cut making a cross
Whenever an equal passes by
Isn’t this a rule, a must? 
But since we are humans engraved in lust
Such a fact is aging and left to rust.

Within the bars of humanity 
Or shall I say brutality
Lies the palace of furnished lies
Of corridors painted in fake smiles.

So lonely one soul goes out to breathe
Looks up and sees a naked sky 
For the cut, the must, that makes the plus
Has vanished with smiles of constant lies