Written by: Fernando Lachica

Fernando Ceballos Lachica


I sit alone in the dark feeling lonely
My loneliness lingers
As the last drop of rain
Have gone away
I breathe the warm rays of sunlight
And feel life's enlivening all around me
Yet, cannot dwell within me

I hear the delight 
Cast by a million multicolored flowers
Against a backdrop of life-giving streams
No longer locked from the movement
By the oppressing cold

I can feel the spirits
Of eternal joy
Reach out with fingers
With either...my heart and soul
Only to get so close
Then fade away
Into the engrossing sound
Of my beating heart

With each pound...
The blood flows
But cannot control the rupturing

With each pump...
It becomes closer and closer
To the single dull-witted note
Amidst a chorus of shrewdness

With each nodal constriction...
It reverberates 
The relentless walls of Ego's Tower
Protruding a lifetime above me

Each beat...becomes double
Each second...becomes a cosmos
Created by the perfectly harmonic structure
Of my sorrow

In a world of parabolic wonders
I see only
The hues of my transparent prison
To a perfect seamless gray
In a hopelessness
Into the deepest strata
Of selfishness

I cry...from pity...I cry...
With tears
Blurring the world
I wander 
On roads of sadness
And darkness
On the perpetual
Wheel of failure.

I see it...
A Glimmer...
A sparkle...
A distance too great
To comprehend; Yet it is there

I am drawn to it…
I am pulled…
As I struggle
With each advancing moment
I try to get away…
I turn to retreat…
Into my tower…
It protected me.