Heart Tortured Forever

Written by: Aleera Canino

Even though it has been years and years, 
 Thoughts of our sometimes happiness brings the tears.
I can't let the hurt go, I have all these painful fears.
 Please tell me the torment, and hollowness will finally clear.

I'm stuck in a hole and I can't seem to crawl out.
 Every time we talk, you fill my head with doubt.
Too bad for you, I finally figured what you're about.
 You see, with me you no longer have any type of clout.

I just don't see what power you had over me.
 How did I ever let that come to be?
You've damaged me so deep, I want to scream like a banshee.
 I feel like with you around, I'll never truly be free.

I'll never be sure that I can trust a man the way I should.
 I don't think its something to ever be fully understood.
If you treated me right, I'd have stayed the best I could.
 However, you were vile, and loathsome and up to no good!

So you are out of my life, but not out of my mind.
 It took all the courage that I had to find.
You know what they say about love being blind?
 Its very true and you're not at all refined.

I'd like for you to please just leave and go away.
 I never want to see your face again I pray and pray.
I'm tired of all the mind games you're so eager to play.
 Your torment and cruelty have caused my heart to decay.

I hope you're happy with the things you've done.
 Just so you know, for me, this wasn't fun.
From the moment I met you, my head screamed "Run!"
 I listened to my heart and it was the part of me that won.

If only I had listened to my head and not my stupid heart.
 I wouldn't have had my whole life ripped apart.
I should have walked away, I needed to depart.
 Instead you left me feeling lonely, angry, hollow and tart.