I Fear

Written by: Sarah Frieman

I went to the doctors the other day
I was having a lot of pain
I shrilly thought I was going to die
Apparently, all I had were stones inside
The doctor said that’s an easy fix 
45minutes, you know that is quick
You’ll be under and we’ll take a part of you out
Still, fear fills my hear full of doubt
Doctors seem to cocky for me, 
I know their smart, but some have swollen heads that fall to their knees
They all seem to think surgery is no big thing
I bet he be singing a different tune if he were the one in my shoes

Author's Note: I just found out I have to have my gallbladder removed, the doctor says
it's a simple surgery I go home the same day, but the idea of being cut open and having a
part of me taken out makes me a little scared