Internal Death

Written by: Sarah Frieman

Killing me slowly
Dying from within 
Giving up hope
As the depression sets in
Wishing for death
Longing for life 
Slashing my wrists with a kitchen knife
Blood flowing to the floor 
My son unknowing 
Of his mother
Deaths little whore
Just weight and see 
I know he’ll find me
In the morning
I gave up 
Don’t you see? 
Nothing matters at all to me
For look the depression has 
Consumed ME

Author’s notes: This poem represents the disease of depression that inflicts my life as
well as my families, and my husband’s family, for depression is an inherited illness
within both our families, and when my husband was only 12years old he found his mother
dead, she killed herself and he found her body. Though this poem shows sadness, I want it
to be a signal, to please, if your feeling depressed or if you feel like hurting yourself,
seek help, I know there are people in your life that want you to live.