The Waterfall Maiden Part 2

Written by: Laurie Ginn

For everyday since that meeting 
He came back to peer within
And Myla had grown brave
And began to talk to him

To the voice he listened intently
Always wishing that she were real
For the times that were spent together
Gave a joy he could not conceal

The day of the celebration arrived
Myla nervous but practiced and sure
Her beauty no one could deny
And her heart shown so loving and pure

When the dance was over and done 
The orchestra  played on with delight
But this is where Myla was frightened
For she wanted to run and take flight

The crowd full of handsome, young gentlemen
That all stammered to have a try
To dance a dance with Princess Myla
All of them did vie 

But Myla innocent and unknowing
Wanted simply to disappear 
For dancing with a stranger
Had filled her thoroughly with fear

Her gaze was pointed downward
When she heard a voice that soothed
And when her eyes looked upon him
She smiled for him she knew

They looked deep into each other’s eyes
As if they had met before
But the young prince knew he had not
And escorted her toward the dance floor

He could not understand his emotion
The depth of which he felt
This girl that he had just met
Had totally made his heart melt

Then she spoke a word, just a whisper
And a knowing inside him did rise
This beauty that was also a princess
Was his maid of the waterfall in disguise 

The dance seemed to last all night
For the rest of their lives they did twirl
For in the depths of this pond of water 
This prince found not a maid but a pearl

Dedicated to Myla Sydnee Downs Perry a gem of a girl