The Waterfall Maiden Part 1

Written by: Laurie Ginn

The pillowed swing is waiting for you
The creaking of the chain just right
The coolness of the porch sets the mood
Now come snuggle in real tight

For I’ll tell of a princess named Myla
Who would hide neath the waterfall
So no one could see her dancing
In case she happened to fall

She wanted to get her twirl down
It had to be perfect because
The entire kingdom would be watching
And she could not show a flaw

Her twirl was a thing of perfection
Her head she tilted just right
Her dark curls would swing with the movement
Oh it gave her a squeal of delight

One day as she sat dreaming
She peered through the waterfall
And the sight she saw before her
Well it did totally enthrall  

A boy she’d never met
Stooped to drink from the cool of the pond
She spoke to him through the din of the fall
So that he might not ride on

Who is that, that is speaking
Your voice where does it come from
Please tell me that I might find you
Or from the heat have I succumb

Myla then realized her dilemma
Her hiding place she would not share
It was the only place she had to be alone
So behind the falls she waited and stared

This boy so handsome but gentle
His eyes seemed to peer right through
Myla longed to speak but she knew
The problem that would ensue

The days that followed she’d hide
Neath the cool of the waterfall
And Myla would practice her dancing
Until the time she’d hear him call

Part 1