I think that I shall never see...

Written by: Sandra Hudson

                                                           Firm and tall
                                                         Feeds on the love
                                                          And kindnesses
                                                  Of other nature lovers
                                                Was supported, cultivated
                                        Becoming a tower against the horizon
                               Waxing green leaves, which it deposits later as gifts,
                            Among the earth dwellers, it embraced all under its canopy
                            Time passed and with it grew wisdom and purity of thought
                  Soon; sweet songs were sung by the tree dwellers, nourishing it abundantly
              It was fruitful in return, gladly sharing all its color and splendor with other nature
            Suddenly an alto fell in with the soprano pitched songbirds, distracting it immensely
         The alto pecked, vibrating the core, with its obsidian bill, drilling, forever drumming,
                        Night and day, night and day, a steady pecking, of a woodpecker
                                     Singing in a foreign soup song language
                                                          Not caring
                                                       That it drained
                                                       The tree’s spirit
                                                      Trying to shoo it,
                                                    The tree branched.
                                                    Feverishly it tossed,
                                                   Left to right, beating.
                                                   Dropping all its fauna
                                                   Onto the forest floor.