A Mothers Day Wish

Written by: Ronald Bingham


It’s Mothers Day once again,
A time to remember who was, is, and will always be our very best friend.
The person we ran to whenever we hurt,
Or with an old rag and spittle could remove the dirtiest of dirt.

Who could put us in our place with just that special look,
Or would hold us in her lap for hours reading stories from a fairy tale book.
Who’s hand you felt on your head all hours of the night when you didn’t feel good,
Whose beauty is ageless, like only it should.

They are the best teacher we probably ever had,
Always instilling truth and informing us if we were bad.
They are probably the second greatest gift that God ever gave,
They are right behind Jesus wanting us to be saved.

This special day is for our mothers whom we love and revere,
Let God’s Grace pour down on them from Heaven, these ones we hold so very dear.
May this day be the best that you have ever known,
As partial payment from me for all the love that you've always shown.

Dedicated to all the mom's throughout the world:
 God Bless you on this special day!