A sinner's dialogue

Written by: osayande osaghae

"Did You," I ask,
"give Your life for me, a worthless soul?"
"I did," He answers
"salvation from the Blood in My veins didst flow."

"Can I," I ask,
"come into Your presence? I feel so lost."
"You can," He smiles, glancing at me.
"Prodigal sons like you has My Blood bought."

"Will I, " I ventured,
"find mercy at Your Throne; me, a worthless soul?"
"You will," He says,
"mercy and grace to help you become better."

"May I," I ask,
"touch the holes in Your Palms and Side?"
"You may," He answers,
"In these wounds a sinner may confide."

"Am I," I inquire,
"going to see the KING?"
"You are," He replies,
"and before Him in joy, you will forever sing."