a vampire

Written by: Faire Lucas

in the darkness of the night, i laugh downright
as i feed on mere mortals, and suck their life
what poor people, they have no might

a fellow, a woman, a few children here and there
just some ragdolls to the vampire world
they should be elimited with no such care

but just as i finished i spotted a man
with rough textures
and strong willing hands

he tried to run
probably getting help
but i couldn't just let him
no, that would be bad

(the man)

she materialized right before me
her strength and her ability
and with one small movement i was off my feet
staring down at this gorgeous beast

and i tried to wiggle
to break free
but she was too strong for me

so i stopped in my tracks 
and looked away
i could tell by the way my eyes got blurry
i was crying in front of her with such furry

(the woman)

this man is crying
what a pathetic loser
i would never cry on front of my enemy
but why can't he just stop already

i looked around and looked at him
his face was sad and yet so beautiful
he wore jeans with holes
and a shirt that fit every muscle he had
he was so mighty
this suddenly felt bad

i let him go and turned around
now my face showed a frown
i heard no footsteps
and thought maybe i already killed him

i looked back and he was just staring
he looked so shocked, scared, caring
what in the world i thought to myself
i finally let you go and now you don't run

i spoke to him with such force
"go away you bewildered man
you're lucky i have such pity for you
i would've just killed you soon"

(the man)

she likes me i know it
there is no denying
such a lost woman 
she needs guiding

so i bent down and kissed her
and her hateful expressions turned smoothe

(the woman)

and we were there together 
under the moon