Earth's Plague

Written by: Paul Stacey

This atrocity that roams, plagues and kills the earth,
Was it here already, at the beginning of our planets birth?
Was it instinct or developed as our species evolved?
Was it a choice, were there decisions involved?

We turned on, fought and destroyed so many species.
Our planet annihilated, by its incumbent’s diseases.
Every living thing that had flourished on this earth,
Now endangered, it’s us, the human race’s curse.

We should have treated our home with care, been gentle.
We took all of its beauty, stripped its potential.
With our help it could have bloomed and flourished
But instead we left it, dying, malnourished.

Yes, it’s a choice, we chose our own course.
Yes, it’s a tragedy we choose to use force.
Yes, it was us that showed such disinterested gall. 
Yes, it’s a shame that we ruined it all.

For a saviour, a miracle, we will hope and pray
“Please just give us one more chance!” we’ll say.
The realisation of what we have done will hit
And then we’ll know we well, and truly, blew it.