You poets suck as psychologist

Written by: james faulkner

First chapter:
She gently sooths my soul with a quixotic grasp
Yet she’s a ruthless (use imagination)
Her emotions unstable like pitches in opera
She teases touching and leaving like breezes 
Love works like God…in mysteries 

2nd chapter:
I read faultless poems by my elder poets
My heart temper tantrums from elaborate adjectives use to describe her
My eyes bleed, squinting wishing they never laid pupils on these poems
Final chapter:
Reading poems of confusion from elders
Poems based of melancholic love tragedies
Passion filled tragic that plagues me in an immature form
How naïve to believe that adults would’ve figured her out
My peripheral vision fights over the red X button and the next poem button
The X button wins.
No one can figure out the depths of love.
Thanks for nothing. 

Love and peace.