Being A Woman First

Written by: Frank F. Atanacio

When she came to a foreign land,
people failed to understand,
she wasn’t a pawn under a man’s command,
it was tradition,
she had to wear a hood in public,
even though it was difficult for recognition,
her face hidden in shadow,
and that’s wherever she’d go,
only the faint glint,
a slight hint,
of her beautiful brown eyes,
seemed to come alive,
and as a shadow she would glide,
not lose a stride,
filled with honor and filled with pride,
her beauty going undetected in one direction,
she spoke softly and nodded,
while some people would stare,
and others would even glare,
but she never had a fake grin on her face,
feigning indifference was a disgrace,
but not to her,
she liked people in general,
she loved to talk,
as she held her head up and continued her walk,
everywhere she went it was the same,
it was God she loved, and life she thirst,
but she felt no shame,
in being a woman first.